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I'm guessing it's the "W-L" situation just like they do for the end of the regular season final record before the post season.

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Q: How do they calculate division record in NFL?
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What was the worst ever division winning record in the NFL?

Since the AFL-NFL merger, the worst division winning record was 7-9 by the 2010 Seattle Seahawks.

In the NFL is it possible to have a better record and lose the division?

No. The first criteria for winning a division title is win loss record. The team that has the best regular season record will win the division title.

How does the NFL determine the division winners?

The winner has a better win-loss record. if it tied then by conference record

Has an nfl team ever won the division championship with 7-9 record?

Yes. The 2010 Seattle Seahawks became the first team in NFL history to win a division title with a 7-9 record.

Which nfl division set the record for the highest winning percentage in a single season?

NFC South

In the NFL if you have a overall losing record but have a winning division record do you make to the playoffs?

The first determining factor for the playoffs is whether you won your division. Division winners get automatic playoff berths, regardless of their record. Overall records only come into play for tiebreakers.

In the nfl if a team in your division has a better overall record but you win your division do you make the playoffs?

Ok this is not college they do not rank you in your division based on your divisional record it is all on your overall record. Each division has a winner which gives you six playoff teams then the top two teams that did not win there division from each league make the playoffs In the NFL, it's impossible to win your division if you don't have the best overall record. The team with the best overall record does win the division, but if you are close and you win more than the second place teams in other divisions you can make the playoffsin a wild card spot.

Who has the worst division in the NFL?

NFC West Division leading Seahawks are the first team to ever make the playoffs with a losing record of 7-9.

What was the last NFL team to win a division with a non winning record?

The last team to win a division tile without posting a winning record was the 2008 San Diego Chargers, who won the weak AFC West Division Title, with a record of 8-8. Prior to the 2008 season, the last team to win a division without a winning record was the 1985 Cleveland Browns, who won the AFC Central Division with a record of 8-8 as well.

What year did the vikings start in thee NFL?

The Minnesota Vikings were established in 1961. They finished the season with a 3-11 record, finishing bottom of the NFL Western Division.

Who wins the division best record in division or best overall record?

It depends upon the league/sport. In the NFL, for example, the team with the best overall record wins their division. In the event of a tie, the division record acts as the tiebreaker. I believe the best conference record wins the conference in NCAA Football, regardless of overall record. Then there are the league like the NHL, where a team earns 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie or post regulation loss--with the team accumulating the most points winning their division/conference.

NFL standings of New England Patriots?

Thru week 12 of the 2009 NFL season, the Patriots stand atop the AFC East division with a record of 7-4.

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