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you get a thoughrobred mare n a thoughrobred stallion, and breed them together

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Q: How do they breed race horses?
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What horses can't barrel race?

Any breed of horse can barrel race some like quarter horses are bred to barrel race but i have a warmblood that i jump and barrel race and she is very good at both

What breed of horse races in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is a race for Thoroughbred horses.

Do standard breed horses barrel race?

Some do, it depends on the horse and how good the trainer is. However, the best barrel racing hoorses are probably Quarter Horses --------------------------------------------------- it is actually called a standardbred. ANd yes, they can barrel race, some better than others but this breed is known for its versitility

Do gray horses race as trotters?

Grey is a color and as such so long as the breed association allows it, they can race. Most harness racers do come in grey.

How did race horses get to the u.s.?

Horses were brought over by the Europeans to the Americas. The Europeans brought over their horses, which some had been trained to race (mostly Arabians). They created the breed that we call today, the Thoroughbred, by mixing Arabians with other pure breeds.

Do sea horses breed?

Uh, if they didn't breed, how are they supposed to have more sea horses? Yes, sea horses breed.

How fast are Transylvania's horses?

Transylvania horses are known to be some of the fastest horses. These of course are generally race horses and are breed and trained to run fast. The average speed of a horse is 40 miles per hour.

What type of horse is the fastest at racing?

Its called breed and its the Thoroughbred.there the race horses that you see in the Kentucky derby. 45mph

What are race horses breed?

if you mean what breed are used for racing? then most race horses have at least a trace of thoroughbred in the genes so mainly Thoroughbred but other mix breeds can be warmblooded, Irish sport horse etc. though they tend not to do as well as the thoroughbreds but are less prone to serious injuries.

What breed has the best hearing?

There will be horses who have great hearing but it doesn't depend on the breed. Just like people; people of the same race can have better hearing than their cousin.

Are black horses and appaloosa horses in the same breed?

Black is a color and not a breed. Appaloosa horses can be black.

What horses can breed with Arabians?

All horses can cross breed with each other.

How many jobs are available for Animal Breeders?

It depends of what animal if your breeding if your breeding dogs you could be a dog show breeder or a seeing eye dog breeder. But if it's like horses you can breed rare horse breeds my aunt has a very rare arabian and I think it's the last one that can breed. Well you sell them most likely and things also you can breed race horses (It think this is kind of cruel though for a sport) and you have to breed faster and better race horses. Hope it helped! ;)

How do you breed horses on avirtualhorsecom?

you breed horses on by clicking on the horse's name. you there? then go to the top and click the 'breed horse' button. it will show you the horses you can breed with it. if you don't want any of your own horses, then go to the 'find random horses for ~' button. you're welcome.

Mixed breed horses?

There are many mixed breed horses. Many people will breed 2 types of horses that are specialized in one area to get a horse that is even better at that one thing. There are many mixed breed horses where you cannot tell all the breeds in it. They call those horses "grade" horses.

How would selective breeding be used to improve the racing ability of horses?

Selective breeding would ensure that all the racing horses would be of higher quality. Breeders could only breed horses with racing qualities to make race horses.

What is the purpose of owning horses?

You might own horses because you want to ride them, or need them to pull a carriage. Some people own horses to breed them or to race them. Some own horses in order to slaughter them for use in household products, or even for meat.

Is it necessary to enter only registered breeds of horses for harness racing?

Yes your horse would have to be q registered breed to race.

How big do palomino horses get?

Palomino is a color not a breed therefore the horses size would depend on the horses actual breed.

Can you breed horses on paradise horses?


Are Morgan horses good race horses?

They can be good race horses against other Morgans, but not against Thoroughbreds or Quarter horses.

What is the most horses to race in the Kentucky derby?

Twenty horses can race at a time

Can you breed horse?

If you are a licensed breeder and have a stock of horses to breed from yes. The horses have to be studs though

What is the meaning of breed?

1. To breed horses is to allow them to have foals. 2. A breed is a race or variety of animals deliberately created and controlled to achieve a particular set of characteristics. Variations that occur in the wild are generally called sub-species.

What is the name of a group of race horses?

They don't really have a name for a group of race horses as far as I know. Cause generally when racing, they compete against each other. And it's a solo race for the win. So there is no association with the other horses, like for example a team of basketball players. There is no real name for a pack of race horses or a herde of race horses, or horde of race horses..............