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Avoiding Injury and BleedingThey either cut themselves or they have lil caps of fakes blood
  • Under general cirvumstances, when a wrestler bleeds (like in main event PPVs) they use a technique called "blading." This is exactly what it sounds like. They remove a blade from their pads or tape or the ref hands them one when the camera is not focused on them. Then they slice themselves open just above the hariline (no veins or arteries to hit).

However, sometimes it is purely accidental (nose bleeds every few weeks.) The Eddie Guerro vs JBL mathc at judgment day last year was a mix of both. JBL hit Eddie witht he chair as he was blading, causing the blade to go too deep, in the wrong spot. Guerro almost died from blood loss, but it persisted and gave us one heck of a show.

Some pretty boys refuse to blade themselves though and just use a satchel of fake blood. It ruins it for everyone else. (Randy Orton, just before he gets catapulted into the Elimination Chamber wall by Triple H, New Years REvolution 2005)

  • WWE superstars in the old days didn't cut themselves so why do they now?
  • News flash, they can't blade themselves anymore. In the 80's and earlier they could, but now it can cause diseases from the blades.
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Q: How do the wrestlers avoid injury and do they really bleed?
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Do pro wrestlers really bleed?

.Yes they really bleed and NO they do not use fake blood!!

How come wrestlers dont bleed anymore?

The WWE is trying to keep its PG rating, and they are no longer allowing wrestlers to blade (cut themselves open). I grew up watching the "Attitude Era," and I am finding wrestling nowadays to be really boring and lame and way too corny.

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Is wrestling real how do they bleed?

no.they bleed by cutting themselves with sharp wondr where they find them?refrees give blades and most of times wrestlers hide blades in their wristband

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How do wrestlers make themselves bleed so quickly?

The most common way for wrestlers to make themselves bleed is to keep a razor blade taped up on their wrists, hands, or fingertips, which is then exposed when it's time for them to cut themselves. When a wrestler cuts himself it is called "blading," and when he then bleeds it is called "juicing." These occur when a wrestler's opponent has landed a supposedly devastating move on him. He will quickly cut himself across the forehead, which will produce enough blood to give him a convincingly battered appearance. They almost never cut themselves anywhere else, as doing so would be extremely dangerous. Wrestlers also, occasionally, bleed from actual contact. They try to pull their punches, but they really do hit each other, and accidents happen. This way of bleeding is known as "hardway," and we're pretty sure it's less than popular among the wrestlers.Answerit also helps to take aspirin before your match to thin the blood and make it run

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Is the blood real in wrestling?

of course the blood in wrestling is real theyre professional wrestlers and know how to do their jobs and bleed :) cm punk is the best in world :)

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Do the WWE wrestlers really bleed?

if you acutely need to look at this you must be stupid because wrestling is fake so its fake blood May 2010 no that must be you because WWe doesn't use fake blood! Never has never will it is real and if you think the moves they do is fake then you have never been in a match.