How do the vikings train for battle?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: How do the vikings train for battle?
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How did vikings get powerful?

like anyone would thay would battle and train in their army then runin toa nearbyvilaage and beat the other village

Who won the Battle of Maldon?

The Vikings won the Battle of Maldon.

Did vikings go to battle naked?

yes they did

Where do the vikings live in How to Train your Dragon the movie?

On the Island of Berk.

Why do vikings have boats?

So that they can travel around and battle

What do you do to fighting the battle?

U have to train for the battle

What are the vikings beliefs?

vikings believed that people who died in battle went to the hall of slain. there they would feast with the gods.

What words you got from the vikings?

swords, battle axe, knife

What did Vikings use to use in battle?

Axes and sword and sheilds

How did Vikings feel about death?

They looked forward to death in battle.

Who crated soccer?

Anglo Saxons and the Vikings at a battle in England.

What ancient army burned their boats before battle?