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Water Polo is Polo played in water minus the horses and sticks. It's kind of hand ball played in water by players.

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Q: How do the horses not drowned in water polo?
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What are the similarities between polo and water polo?

water polo is in the water and pollo uses horses and is on land water polo is in the water and polo is on land and it involves horses.

How many horses drown each year during the water polo competition?

In 2013, 17 horses drowned in international water polo competition. This was the highest equine death toll since 1972, when 28 horses died in a single match (the so-called "death derby": Ecuador vs Trinidad and Tobago on July 23, 1972). It is very hard for horses to breathe underwater, even when they are given snorkels.

Where to play polo?

don't know which polo but my guess is 1) in the grass w/horses the other is 2) in the water w/a water polo ball :D

How do you play water polo without the horse?

Water Polo is a very different sport to Polo. The way it is played is completely different and the equipment is different. There are no horses involved, just like there are no mallets involved and the ball is also different. Water Polo has its own rules.

Do you need to own a horse to play polo?

To play polo you need at least seven horses. Most polo players own their own horses.

Why do you have horses for?

You have horses for training, friendship, transportation, sports, and polo.

How did colonialism affect Australian sport?

Before colonialism in Australia the Auzy rugers team just never managed to get it's act together, let alone cricket. I wont even go into the number of horses that were drowned in their attempt to put a water polo team together.

Is water polo based on real polo?

It has been said that polo players that did not have the money to play on the campos (fields) played on the beaches and as the tide rose, they had to play in the water and ended up ditching the horses. This could just be legend but it is a fun story.

Which animal is part of the sport polo?


How many horses are there on a polo field?


What is a string of polo ponies?

a string of polo ponies is the 7 horses that a polo player plays on during a game.

Which animal is part of the sport of polo?

Horses are an integral part of playing polo. Typically the horses are smaller, and in the past only ponies (horses that are less than 58 inches) were allowed to compete, but now there are no size limitations. Polo players still prefer smaller horses, though, because they have to be fast and swift. Arabians and Quarter Horses are especially popular among polo players.

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