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well mark mguire is a loser. he took steroids and he sucked compared to them anyway.

Hank Aaron is awesome. he should still have the home run title if it weren't for that loser Barry Bonds. he sucks.

Babe Ruth is the best baseball player ever. he has a crap load of home runs and a career average of like .338. babe Ruth is the best

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Not to compare Babe Ruth with Hank Aaron, players from two different eras. The numbers that Babe Ruth put up as compared to the players in his own era, there is no question that Babe Ruth was the greatest Baseball player of all time, and he was also a great pitcher. Not taking away from Hank Aaron's accomplishments. babe Ruth is the best baseball player of all time hank aaron sucks

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find total carreer stats. and see who had the most home runs, most RBI, best average ,least strikeouts, best on base percentage and the best slugging percentage.

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Q: How do the careers of Mark McGwire Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth compare with each other?
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