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under ground

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Q: How do the athletes enter the stadium during the closing ceremony at the Olympic games?
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Which athletes enter the Olympic stadium last?

In the opening ceremony, the athletes from the host country enter last. In the closing ceremony, the athletes enter en masse and there is no structure as to what country's athletes enter last.

Name the athletes who carried great Britain's flag into the Beijing olympic stadium at the start and end of 2008 olympic games?

Opening ceremony: Swimmer Mark Foster Closing ceremony: Cyclist Chris Hoy

Who are the stadium commentators for the Olympic closing ceremony?

Trish Bertram & Marc Edwards

Was Greece's athletes last to enter the stadium at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games?

yes they were

How long does the flame burn for in the olympic stadium?

From the start of the games until the closing ceremony.

What major unifying change did the first Australian Olympic Games bring to the closing ceremony?

Prior to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics - the first to be held in Australia and the first in the southern hemisphere - during the closing ceremony, the athletes marched by nation, just as they did in the Opening Ceremony. In Melbourne, the athletes cam into the stadium together during the closing ceremony. This was to symbolise world unity. (Incidentally, the suggestion to change was made by a young Australian named John Ian Wing.)

Is the flag lowered at the closing ceremony of the Olympics?

Yes, that is the final act of the closing ceremony. After the president of the International Olympic Committee pronounces the Olympics ended the flame is extinguished and, while the Olympic anthem is played, the Olympic flag is lowered and carried horizontally from the stadium.

During the closing parade of the Olympics in what order to the athletes enter the stadium?

There is no order at the closing ceremony. The flag bearers and country name board bearers enter first in single file. Then the athletes enter, en masse, without distinction of country.

Where is the olympic opening ceremony going to happen?

The opening ceremony happens at the Olympic stadium of the country hosting the games

Which female singer performed on a bus-converted stage after London's mayor was handed over Olympic flag in olympic stadium at Beijing during closing ceremony recently?

Leona Lewis

In the olympic games is the flag lowered at the closing ceremony?

Yes. After the President of the International Olympic Committee makes a speech to close the Games, the flame is extinguished, the Olympic Anthem plays, and the flag is lowered and carried out of the stadium.

Are greece s athletes last to enter the stadium at the opening ceremony?

No they are first to enter the stadium.

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