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Popularity is a controversial subject, as popularity is different on many accounts.

For instance, the area matters. Should you be in Sacramento, the Kings will be the most popular team. However, the Hornets will be the most popular in New Orleans.

For the entire United States, however, the most popular teams for the 2008-2009 season go as follows:

  1. Los Angeles Lakers
  2. Boston Celtics
  3. New York Knicks
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers
  5. Chicago Bulls
  6. New Orleans Hornets
  7. Phoenix Suns
  8. Miami Heat
  9. Detroit Pistons
  10. San Antonio Spurs
Popularity changes on a dime. Should a team go on a 23 game winning steak, that team will be popular at the time. Should that same team finish the season at 34-48, that team will be in the lower range of popularity.
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Q: How do the NBA teams rank in popularity?
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