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I'm not sure if this answers your question, but I have read in Redaer's Digest that following stats and being a hard core fan can help increase your understanding of math and numbers.

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Q: How do sports support multiple intelligence theory or vice versa?
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Who propounded the theory of multiple intelligence?


Who propounded theory of multiple intelligence?


Who developed the theory of multiple intelligence?

Howard Gardner

What type of intelligence does Albert Einstein have?

According to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory, Albert Einstein had a Logical-Mathematical intelligence.

Is multiple intelligence different from paper and pencil that only fits linguistic intelligence?

THE ANSWER BELOW IS WRONG. If you are asking about Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences there are 9 in his theory. One is linguistic intelligence out of the 9. I am not sure what you mean about "paper and pencil." There is no intelligence in that category and paper and pencil are tools for use in many formats.

How did Howard Gardner reach the Theory of Multiple Intelligences?

An intelligence had to be measured. 1. Be able to do it 2. Be used in society

According to Robert sternberg's theory of multiple intelligences pratical intelligence is associated with?

B) Street Smarts. pg 82

Who came up with the idea that people differ in their profiles of intelligence showing a unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses is related to?

Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences

Summarize Gardner's theory of intelligence?

summarize gardners theory

What is the theory of malleable intelligence?

are knoq

According to Robert Sternberg's theory of multiple intelligences practical intelligence is associated with?

it is people skills or street smarts? not really sure please help.

What is the Triarchic theory?

The triarchic theory of intelligence was formulated by Robert J. Sternberg, a prominent figure in the research of human intelligence. The theory by itself was groundbreaking in that it was among the first to go against the psychometric approach to intelligence and take a more cognitive approach.