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They don't breathe normally on their own.

They have to use pressure regulators to breathe naturally, overcoming the extreme pressure deep underwater.

A snorkel and oxygen tank help the divers breathe when they are underwater.

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Q: How do scuba divers breathe underwater?
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What do scuba divers use to breathe underwater?

scuba - self contained underwater breathing apparatus

What do divers use to breathe underwater?

a combination of SCUBA tank(s) attached to a SCUBA regulator

Why do scuba divers breathe compressed air?

so that more air can be stored in the tank for longer stay underwater.

What does scuba divers stand for?

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

How long can scuba divers spend underwater?

Generally around 1 hour

Why do scuba divers carry oxygen cylinders?

So that they may breath underwater.

What did Jacques Yves Cousteau invent to breathe underwater?


How do scuba divers talk underwater?

they can talk in their helmets They may have underwater two way radio, or through hand signals.

How do you breathe underground?

You can breathe underground by using submersible breathing aparatus similar to scuba gear used by divers.

What does a diver use to breathe underwater?

A SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) tank

What are the release dates for Scuba Bob's Ocean Quest - 2006 Underwater Heroes Steel Divers 2-6?

Scuba Bob's Ocean Quest - 2006 Underwater Heroes Steel Divers 2-6 was released on: USA: 2007

Why is oxygen used by deep sea divers?

For a way to breathe underwater.

If there is no oxygen on the moon then how does the man in the moon breathe?

By oxygen tanks - similar to SCUBA divers.

Do scuba divers breath pure oxygen?

Technical scuba divers do, but recreational divers do not.

Why do scuba divers need math?

they need to know how long they can be underwater, and how deep they can go with the air in the tank.

How heavy is scuba diving equipment?

While scuba equipment is very heavy on dry land, when underwater, the weight of the equipment is alleviated on the divers due to the water buoyancy. Even weak divers have little trouble with managing the equipment.

Why do scuba divers breathe out when rising to the surface?

So that there wouldn't be more pressure in the body than outside their body.

What is the collective noun of scuba divers?

The collective noun is a bubble of scuba divers.

Who would use the scuba gear?

Scuba divers.

Who uses a scuba-suit?

Many people use a SCUBA suit for diving. Sport divers, police divers and some Navy recovery divers.

How can a person is able to breathe underwater?

By having a bubble of air connected to the lungs - like scuba gear.

What does a red flag with a white diagonal stripe mean when boating?

A float with a red flag with a diagonal white stripe is the symbol for "Divers Down"; SCUBA divers are underwater in this area. Be cautious in the area of the float, because the divers will surface nearby.

Why do scuba divers need to bring oxygen tanks while fishes do not?

Because fish have gills and can breathe under water and humans do not

What is a scuba diver?

Scuba Diver. n.One who uses scuba gear in underwater swimmingIn other words, they're people who dive underwater in wetsuits usually with oxygen tanks on their backs so that they can breathe, and goggles on so that they can see stuff underwater.

Are people who swim underwater with special equipment called frogmen?

we prefer to be called scuba divers but some may call us frogmen : )

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