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The get pushed by the wind.

The get pushed by the wind.

The get pushed by the wind.

The get pushed by the wind.

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The get pushed by the wind.

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Q: How do sailboats move?
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What power makes sailboats move?

Sailboats are powered by wind.

Which statement is true of sailboats Sailboats can maneuver in tight spaces Sailboats can change direction quickly and easily Sailboats are usually the give-way boat in an encounter Sailboats ar?

Sailboats are usually the stand-on boat in an encounter.

How many sailboats equal a mile?

depends how big the sailboats are

When was Vanguard Sailboats created?

Vanguard Sailboats was created in 1967.

How are sailboats used for sports?

Sailboats are used in the sport of sailing.

Why did Egyptians ride on sailboats?

why did egyptians use sailboats? the used sailboats because they where a good way to travel in water

How do you make ancient Egyptian sailboats?

I am not sure how to make the sailboats that is why I'm asking!!!!

What do small sailboats have a tendency to do?

Sailboats have the tendency to Capsize and Swamp.

What are ocean dead zones?

places along the equator were there is no wind so sailboats can't move till the wind shifts

What statement about sailboats are true?

small sailboats tend to swamp and capsize more often

Who invented sailboats?

Sailboats as we know them, were invented several thousand years ago by ancient humans

How do you get sailboats out of water in club penguin?

Type your answer here... u can't take sailboats out of the water

Does the military use radio controlled sailboats?

If the military does use radio controlled sailboats, it most likely does not make use of the small ones that are typical of hobby radio controlled sailboats.

Can sailboats fly?


How are sailboats classified?

* === ===

Did the Mesopotamians create sailboats?

they were not the inventors of sailboats but they built small boats similar to these to bring in food from rivers.

How fast were Mesopotamian sailboats?

The sailboats i Mesopotamia went at about 150 miles per hour. They were very fast...

What did the Egyptians use Sailboats for?

Egyptians used sailboats for traveling and trading goods around the known world.

How do you get the tree sailboats in Club Penguin elite penguin force?

Use Flit the green little to get the sailboats

What is the fear of sailboats?


Did the Egyptians have sailboats?


What type of hulls do most sailboats have?

The majority of sailboats have monohulls, but world circumnavigators seem to prefer trimaran hulls for their innate stability.

What is sailing used for today?

Half-mile long cargo ships move goods from China to the USA. And Back. Hong Kong harbor is full of sailing vessels used for trade. Many marinas worldwide are full of sailing vessels used for pleasure. Some sailboats visit the dolphin pods. Some sailboats visit the Killer Whale pods. Some people use sailboats to go fishing. Some sailboats are used for skin-diving or scuba-diving.

How are sailboats used today?


Who manufactures Dolphin sailboats?

Many builders have participated in the manufacture of Dolphin Sailboats. Please see the related link below.