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they train all their lives starting at very early age and ending when their bodies give out. - mostly it depends on where you want to get. Being a professional ranges from playing in USA div III to best clubs of the world. For example work ethics of Cristiano Ronaldo are mind blowing. On top of doing team practices twice a day and work outs in between, he stays after practice to train extra. His coaches have to come get him, out of the worry that he will over train and injure himself. There are specific training sessions that work on ball skills, speed, agility and so on, so after each practice he stays and does extra work for hours. His coach said that he had only seen very few players who did that. so there you go - you can play once a day for three times a week and play for some team in the US or you can train every day for hours and have no life, but be great......the choice is yours

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Q: How do professional soccer players train?
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