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Well, I think they get in by filling in a form their coaches give easy as THAT!

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Q: How do players enter the French Open?
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What is the registration fee for tennis players who enter the US Open?

$ 350.00

With 6 titles who has won most French Open mens singles titles?

Bjorn Borg has won the French Open 6 times (1974-75, 1978-81). This does not include the time period before 1968, when the tournament was referred to as the French Championships. The French Championships were not "Open" to players that were not members of french tennis clubs or french nationals.

What is the French word for enter?

to enter is 'entrer' in French.

How do you say enter here in French?

Enter here in French is entrer ici.

Do french chess players have a cat?

weird question, but anyone can have a cat even french chess players

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How many players in the 2010 british open golf championship?

There will be 156 players in The 2010 Open field.

Can you name the five grand slams in tennis?

Which sport are you refering to? Men's Golf is: US Open, Masters, British Open and the PGA Championship Women's Golf is: Kraft Nabisco Championship, LPGA Championship, US Women's Open and the British Open. Tennis is: Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and French Open

Are any Liverpool players French?

Mamadou Sakho is French.

Who was the founder of the French Open?

French Aviator Roland Garros was the founder of French Open.

What is the order of grand slams?

Wimbledon is number 1 due to it's history,tradition and etiquette. The other 3 are all about the same however as far as endorsements and financial benefits the US Open would rank 2nd. The French Open due to it being in Europe where most of the best players in the world come from would just get the nod for 3rd. That leaves the Aust Open 4th but the players all want to play in this tournament (where some players miss the French & Wimbledon due to the unique playing surfaces). But Wimbledon is No.1 & always will be. But that's just my opinion.

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