How do plants excreate?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: How do plants excreate?
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What is excreate?

when you give out unwanted waste

What plants are makeup made out of?

Plants don't wear make-up but some make-up can be made from plants. The color of the petals comes from starch which the pants prepare from observed sunlight(vibgyor). They usally excreate some unwanted colors they become the color of flowers.

How does fluid overload in human body cause hyponatremia?

If you give excessive fluid to human, his kidney will excreate the extra water. But kidney can not excreate the plane water. It is going to wash 'some' salt along with the urine. So this causes hyponatremia.

Why do i excreate black stool with blood?

Black stool with blood indicates blood loss high in the GI tract. This sign requires urgent consultation with your health care provider.

Is the food vacuole of amoeba temporary structure or permanent structure?

It is permanentaly present in amoeba and is required to take food and als excreate waste, the temporary str is gas vacoule and that to is not present in each amoebic organism

How is a candle like a living thing?

A Candle is not a living thing because it does not have the 7 characteristics of living things which are: movemeny, reproduce, grow, excreate, or exchanging gases. it does have one charteristic of a living thing which is respond. it responds to fire because the fire is something called the stimulus which forces the wax on the candle to melt

How does recycling pollute plants and animals?

Because plants are plants and plants are plants which means plants are plants and plants are plants

Are pitcher plants nonvascular or vascular plants?

Pitcher plants are vascular plants.

What are simple plants called?

Simple plants are called algae or mosses. Algae are typically found in water and include various types such as seaweed and pond scum. Mosses are small, non-vascular plants that can grow in moist environments like forests and lawns.

How can plants be dangerous?

There are poisonous plants and carnivorous plants

What do you think when you classified plants?

Talking about classification of plants: Plants can be classified into 3 groups. SHORT DAY PLANTS LONG DAY PLANTS DAY NEUTRAL PLANTS

How do plants?

How do plants what?