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i think by using small amounts

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Q: How do people save money in the olden days?
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How do people save in the olden days?

In the olden days there were no banks so people used to keep their money under their heads

How does Missouri river save money?

A river doesn’t save money, people do.

How do people save money by recycling?

You save money by using material over again.

How did we make fire in the olden days?

By striking FLINT against STEEL over TINDER. Join the Boy Scouts of America and learn how to do it. It could save your life.

How do you get iPad for 40.00?

You can save money from each days expenses.

Why do people not want to save money?

People don't want to save money for two reasons.One is you have money and you see something then buy it. Two is a robber might still your money.

Why do people buy less?

To save money.

How do you motivate people to save money?

By making them realize the importance of their money

How are you going to save money for transportation?

To save up money for transport you can sell things you don't want to other people.

What benefit is gained when people save money?

Money that doesnt go to waste

Why should people car pool?

Save money.

What is furlough Friday?

i think its the days that teachers dont get paid to save the government money.