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Q: How do people keep track of events and happening?
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What are Calendar used for?

keep track of events tell the time and make people remember important days!~

Can help you keep track of details and events in a book or play?

graphic organizer

Why was domesday book done?

It was ordered by William the Conqueror in order to keep track of what was happening in his new kingdom.

Do the events portrayed in Night help people to prevent crimes against humanity today?

Yes, they do. These events show the brutality used by the Nazi's and their coldhearted treatment of the Jewish people. Remembering the past is the only way to keep it from happening again, even though that phrase is cliched, it is true

Why should you keep a calendar?

It helps one to keep track of days easily, mark and remember future events, and stay organized in general.

Why do lions roam?

To keep track of what is happening within their established territory, to find (or sometimes follow) food sources, to find water, etc.

Who was hired to keep track of the items people traded?


What is a timekeeper in basketball?

People who keep track of the time and score.

What does the Catholic calendar keep track of?

The Catholic church has a large number of holy days during the course of the year marking significant events such as Easter and saints' days. A catholic calendar is a great way to keep track of them.

How do you keep track of online grocery coupons?

The people on extreme couponing keep track with coupons because to them it is like a part time job. There is not a program that will keep track of coupons for you, but you can subscribe to a rss feed for coupon blogs.

Why does the school need to have a school paper?

Schools have school papers so children and teachers can keep track of upcoming events

What is the mayans The long count calendar?

A calendar designed to keep track of crucial events and dates that lasts for 5126 years.