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They are no specific ways to obtain free tickets to NFL football games, but the closest option would be to enter competitions to win tickets to specific games. You can also find tickets at a cheaper price by visiting certain websites, such as CheapTickets.

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Q: How do people get free tickets to NFL football games?
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Where can one get free college basketball tickets?

The best place to get free college basketball tickets would be on the respective college's websites. Although it is unlikely that one will get free tickets to the more important games, the colleges will offer people free tickets for the games that don't sell out. StubHub is website dedicated to selling tickets to college basketball games with occasional free tickets being offered.

How do you get free tickets to an Oregon Civil War Football Game?

If you are a OSU students, you can get a free ticket if you have stubs from all home games from the current season. You may get all home game tickets free as an OSU student.

Do college basketball athletes parents get into games free?

Yes. A student athlete in football gets four tickets to home and away games to give away to whomever they want.

Do major league baseball players get free tickets to their games?

The tickets they get aren't free, but the players earn so much moolah that they are virtually free to the players.

What website can I go to get the best New York sports tickets? can help you find low price and high end tickets for Football, Basketball and Baseball games. This site in particular is extremely user friendly and free.

Is it free for children to got to football games?


Where can football games be played for free?

There are many football games that can be played for free. One is NCAA 2006. It is an old game, so it is possible to download it for free right on the NCAA site.

Do college students get in home football games for free?

no. Students have the option to buy tickets for the whole year and pay it along with tuition. I attend Texas A&M University, and we buy a 'sports pass', which is about $200 and we get tickets to all home sporting events.

How do you win free concert tickets?

Maybe if you went to there concert and they might even hand out free tickets to people that answer the right question.My friend won free tickets to Sydney Kings in Australia and they came to our school and you have to answer the questions and if you get it correct you receive free tickets to there next game.

Where can one find free online football games?

There are free online football games in many sites. Among them are Pogo, Addicting Games, Sports Games Arena, Great Day Games, and even on the ESPN website.

How do you get tickets for 2012 Olympics?

Buy your tickets on Facebook's website! The first 200 people to sign-up will win free tickets! No kidding!

How much are Florida Marlins tickets?

Free! Cause nobody goes to the games anyway!

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