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Q: How do people benefit from the Special Olympics?
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How do participants benefit from the Special Olympics?

They benefit by feeling important.

Do they have reserved parking for non-handicap people at the Special Olympics?

Do they have reserved parking for non-handicap people at the Special Olympics?

How was special Olympics founded?

i think special Olympics were founded because people needed it for their life

Why did they start a special Olympics for people in need?

they started the special olympics so that they can help people an make sure every body was treated with the same respect

Is there a Olympics for disabled people?

a disabled person can be in the special Olympics but not in the real Olympics

Do people with autism play sports?

It is called the special olympics.

When was Special Olympics created?

Special Olympics was created in 1968.

How can curling be adapted for people with physical challenges?

Many people in wheelchairs curl in the special Olympics

Is badminton in the special Olympics?

No, they don't offer badminton in special olympics

Will Scotland benefit from the Olympics?

Olympics will definitely going to benefit Scotland in a big way. As it will attract more and more tourists.

How will people in the UK benefit in the long term from facilities developed for the 2012 Olympics?

when the vagina has a blue waffle

Who are in Special Olympics?

the people in the special Olympics are kids/teens/adults with a mental illness such as down syndrome or autism. The special Olympics gives them a chance to be successfull in sports, and get the attention they deserve. Special Olympics is for kids/teens/adults, all of whom have an intellectual disability, which can include diagnosed conditions like Down Syndrome and autism. Special Olympics gives people with an intellectual disability the chance to transform their lives through regular sports training and competition provided by a network of volunteers in their local community. Special Olympics gives all people with an intellectual disability a chance to reach their personal best. Rather than be shut out from their community, it is a place where they can make friends, have fun, get fit and feel proud of themselves.