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it got forced to where it lives and it got used to its resources

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Q: How do panthers adapt to their habitat?
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How does a stonefish adapt to its habitat?

They adapt by camoflauging into the rocks!

Do rattlesnakes make their own habitat?

No, they just adapt to wherever they are. But the presence of a rattlesnake does change other animal's habitat.

How will the protected habitat affect the panthers?

The protected habitat will help the panther live and increase its population

How do Seahorses adapt to survive its habitat?

they adapt by curling up there tail

Why are black panthers hunted?

for there fur and because of habitat loss

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== ==

How chicken adapt to their habitat?

by doing it

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you sit on them

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as they are bald

How do mountain animals adapt to there habitat?

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How does seahorse adapt to its habitat?

because they do that.

How do alpine salamaders adapt to their habitat?

Just fine. Dont worry. But if you put it in the wrong habitat, it wont adapt very well.