How do orbeez work?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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yes but they break really easily especially if there really big

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Q: How do orbeez work?
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Is the ladybug orbeez ladybug vacuum work?

no it does not work do not buy it!

How do you make orbeez really big?

it dosent work they are lying

Do orbeez work if broken?

Well,I don't think so

How do you make orbeez grow really big?

it dosent work they are lying

What happens if you mix orbeez and alcohol together?

the alcohol couldn't work it will grow faster in hot water

Would you die by swallowing an orbeez?

I had a friend and they ate an orbeez they got sick but no they did not die so is a baby swallows a orbeez.

Do you put orbeez in salt?

When you put Orbeez in salt water the turn into smashed bits. Me and my friend had just brought a bottle of orbeez and then heard a rumor that when you put them in salt they grow so we tried this prosess and it dried up our orbeez :'(

How do you grow orbeez big?

The purer the water the bigger the Orbeez. If you use distilled water, your Orbeez will grow as large as possible Different person: NOT true! They do NOT grow bigger in distilled water. I tried it. SORRY! Actually very true. If you look at it scientifically distilled water will difuse eaiser through the Orbeez than regular water would. The reason it didn't work for you is that the water and the substance in the Orbeez had reached equilibrium and had no reason to diffuse any longer. Michael: the person who says the orbeez go bigger in distilled water is wrong. Try putting the water in a cup and microwave it for 5 minutes then add the orbeez they will grow faster. Bearpaw6:The first person was right it even says it on there website.DUH!!

Can you only use orbeez spa once?

No, it only depends how many little Orbeez you have.

Are orbeez worth the money?

I certainly wouldnt spend the money to buy orbeez. You grow them. What do you do after that?

Where can i get orbeez at?

Target, Kmart, Walmart or Toys R Us is where I get my Orbeez.

How do you shrink orbeez?

Yes, you can shrink orbeez leave them out in a open area for a couple hours and they should get smaller.