How do motocross bikes work?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The typical linkage suspension found on large Motocross bikes increase the amount of shock travel versus wheel travel as the rear wheel moves through the stroke. In other words, the shock travels more at the end of the travel than at the beginning. This additional movement increase the damping and spring rate to counter bottoming.

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firts of all its pretty easy here I'll show you how

1.firts of all kickstart it to start it up

2.put it in gear buy holding in the clutch and on your left foot there should be a gear shifter push it down on the first gear but the rest of them push it up you put it in gear keep your hands still holding on to the clutch

4.twist the throttle gently while letting go of the clutch gently to

5. the bike should be moving in gear now

6.switch into the next gear by holding in the clutch and using your left foot to switch the gears by your left foot (remember only on the first gear you push down the rest of the gears you push up)

7.then keep doing so when needed

8.use the handle bars to steer

9.if you want to stop then hold the clutch in and (push down) with the left side gear shifter until the bike dose not move and your in nutrual

10.let go of the clutch

11. push the button on the left side of the handlebars to shut the engine off

i hope this worked for you!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do motocross bikes work?
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