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Q: How do men get rid of big nipples?
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How do you get rid of big nipples for boys?

Cut them off. LOL

Why men dont wear bras?

Its because they don't have a big boobs and a big nipples.

Why do women have big nipples on small breast?

Nipples come in all sizes; men's nipples also can range from very small to very large.

Why do gay men have big nipples?

Most gay men enjoying having their nipples pinched, sucked, bite on while having sex. Overtime their nipples will become more erect and grow in size. A: What rubbish! Gay men's nipples are just the same as any man's.

Does anyone like large nipples on men?

No one does they want a soft looking nipple but big chest but small nipples

Why do men have nipple?

because when they are in the mothers womb the sex is not determined until they are late on so therefore the hormones haven't got enough time to get rid of the nipples!! plus BUT IMAGINE MEN WITHOUT NIPPLES THEY'D LOOK ALIEN!!!!

Do men prefer big small dark or pink nipples?

Men loved to see, touch, lick nipples. Pink nipples look fresh and young, dark nipples look exotic and sexy. When men have sex it's arousing to have a pair of great boobs in their face. The color and size - to each his own. Personally - small, black nipples, i.e. on a beautiful latina :P

Why do men like to suck woman nipples?

if the woman has big boobies then yes but is she has small ones probally not

How do you get rid of bumpy nipples?

... don't worry about getting rid of them; they are normal and several women have bumps on their nipples. However, don't pick at them, or you could get and infection...

How do you get rid of your large puffy nipples?

rub vinegar on them

Do men have to have nipples like if a man doesn't have a that weird?

Men don't "have to," but it is weird if he does not because EVERYONE, men & women, have nipples.

How big should a man's nipples be?

No bigger then his fathers meaning it should be the same size in all of the men in his family

What causes enlarged nipples?

depends if you want big nipples if you do just hook then up to a car battery if you are concernd about big nipples GET OVER IT!

Can men be born without nipples?

No, you must not forget that only Hawaiian men with out penises can have have large breast but no nipples

Can men survive without nipples?


Do nipples eject CO2 in men?


Can Women Have the same looking nipples?

womens nipples are big and pointy.

Are there different nipples in men?

Yes we all have different nipples. Some people have traffic cone nipples, quarter nipples, dime nipples, and many many more :)

Do boys like when girls have big nipples?

Not abnormally large nipples. If they are too big and widespread that's not attractive

Is there a way of reducing big nipples in men?

You can ice them daily but that is a temporary fix. There is really no way other than surgery to reduce the size of one's nipples whether you're a man or a woman.

How do you get big nipples?

You're born with them.

Is it good to have big nipples?


Why do asians have big nipples?

To compensate

Do women have nipples?

Both men and women.

How men can have bigger nipples?

Pump them up