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They pour water over their heads

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Q: How do marathon runners keep their heads cool?
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How do they keep track of the runners at the checkpoints of a marathon?

All runners are assigned a number at the start of the race. When a runner passes a checkpoint the number is checked on a list. This way the runners don't have to stop to put their names down.

What is in runner sweat?

In a runners sweat there is water and presperation to keep the runner cool.

What is in a runner's sweat?

In a runners sweat there is water and presperation to keep the runner cool.

Why are shiny blankets wrapped around marathon runners at the end of the race?

They are Heatsheets® made out of polyethylene. Runners are typically wearing just shorts and a light shirt, so when they stop they get cold. The space blanket is an inexpensive way to keep the runner warm until they can retreive their warmup clothes.

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