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in the variator take it apart n pull out the old rollers n put in the new 1's

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โˆ™ 2007-11-01 15:20:47
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Q: How do i fit new lighter rollers on my scooter?
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Do slam pro bars fit in JD bug forks?

no they dont. they fit the scooter, but ull need a new fork and a new clamp.

Will 110mm wheels fit on a slamm scooter?

It would work but you would have to get a new brake it would be to big and would not move

How do you put a new scooter deck on a scooter?

Remove the Real Scooter Wheel and Brake (brake if not fitted to new deck)Loosen Scooter Handlebar Clamp and remove barsRemove headset cups and take out Scooter forksSimple you should be left with a deck. Transfer the new parts if compatible to the new Deck.

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How do you remove the cigar lighter on a rover 75 so that i can fit a new one?

A cigarette lighter on a Rover 75 is held on using prongs on the side of the lighter. To remove it pull the prongs inside the lighter and pull is off. Be sure to remove the wiring from the rear.

How do i derestrict my peugeot vivacity 50cc scooter?

well the way i done it was buying a Leo vince exhaust that came with new rollers and springs and i got 55 out of it. if you wanted more out of it you would have to do a new bigger carb and an 70cc big bore kit and a sports filter

Where was Scooter Braun born?

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Well it depends because if u get a lighter scooter things snap easier but if u get a heavier scooter parts are stronger. If your just starting and want to try some tricks get a light scooter, very easy to learn tricks on because you get more air. Also if your learning the bri flip start out with a light scooter, but they do break very easily so once you get some tricks down get a heavier scooter. I have just purchased a new Mahindra Duro DZ, One of the best performers in its class. Great styling make the Mahindra Duro DZ a formidable foe in the scooter.

How can you get money fast for a new scooter and scooter grips?

garage sale hope it helped :D

What are some places that offer information on medicare scooters?

If you need a new scooter and cannot repair your old one, you can find information about acquiring a new scooter on the medicare website at Here, you can get an evaluation and purchase a new scooter.

Why is your brand new scooter leaking gas?

If your brand new scooter, is brand new, don't mess with it, take it back to where you bought it - you are liable to ruin the warranty if you mess with it.

CPI Oliver Sport 49cc scooter I was told to make it faster you had to buy a kit the kit contained a new jet rollers and a pipe that goes between the engine and the exaust you only go 10 km more not 30?

i dont know about the jet rollers but yes this is true, i dont know how to make it go faster still tho im workin on that 1 tho

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How do you fix the handle bars on my scooter?

get new ones

Do you need a license to ride a scooter in New Zealand?


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he has a new song called do my jerk

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Do you need a license and tags to ride a 50cc scooter in New Mexico?

Yes, in the state of New Mexico you need a license and tags to ride a 50 CC scooter.

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Whats the value of a rabbit motor scooter?

What is the value of my 1965 Rabbit motor scooter model s202 can you help me I am new at this thanks.

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where can i buy a new scooter?

You can buy new scooters from many retail websites or stores, such as walmart or target, as well as any stores you know of that specialize in scooter and bike sales.

What does new lighter rollers do to your 50cc scooter?

They will cause your engine to run at higher RPMs because the engine will have to spin way faster to get the CVT transmission to shift, resulting in much better off the line acceleration and much more power for going up hills. But unfortunately, they will take away a lot of top speed because the CVT will not be able to reach it's highest gear ratio and the engine will have to rev much higher to maintain the ratio it already had.

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