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Q: How do i add padding to my baseball helmet?
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Why the padding of the helmet add further protection from head injury?

As the padding compresses it soaks up energy that otherwise would have gone into your head.

What kind of padding can be used in a lacrosse helmet for a player that is recovering from an ear operation?

Any padding

Would a head measured 57 fit into a helmet sized 59-60 with a good fit?

Yes, simply add extra padding at the pressure points. Instructions are included in the packaging.

Can you get a ticket at a park for not wearing padding and a helmet on a bike?

Depending where you live.... it is a free country.... well in the U.S.A.

Does paintball gear and dirt bike gear protect the same amount?

no dirt bike gear is just a helmet and jacket, but paintball gear is a helmet a paintball gun and padding

Which bras from Victoria's Secret feature padding?

Victoria's Secret bras with padding are the bras in the "Lightly Lined, "Push-Up Padding", and "Add 2 Cups" sections on their website. Bras without padding are called "Unlined".

How the interior padding of a helmet adds further protection from a head injury?

paddings absorb the force created by the collision of the helmet and any surface, so less impact it gave to the head :D !!

What kind of padding do ice hockey officials wear?

they wear pads, knee pads, a helmet, and a batman suit under all of this.

Does dirt bike padding come with the dirt bike?

Not usually. Some dealers will give you a helmet when you buy a bike, but nothing else.

When replacing carpeting should the padding be replaced as well?

Yes, if the padding is worn out or about to be worn out. Other wise if the padding is still in good shape then just leave it and add the new carpet over it.

What is the padding in a baseball gloves made from?

Baseball glove padding is made of both felt and leather. Felt padding is used in the finger region of gloves. Each finger stahl has felt padding that helps protect and reinforce gloves integrity. In palm section the gloves are padded with extra piece of leather and palm glue. Akadema is considered by many the master craftsmen of glove making. Here are couple videos on making gloves.

Can you use a snowboard helmet for biking?

you could, because they are essentially the same. But it would be very hot because of all the padding. But I've seen helmets where the padding just comes out and it can be used as a biking helmet like Helt-Pro. You can buy one helmet with winter hat, and some changeable summer hats and use it for biking)