How do gliders take off?

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There are two methods to get gliders airborne. * They are towed behind another aircraft with an engine. * They are towed by a powerful winch with long cable. In both cases the tow cable is released once the glider is airborne.

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Q: How do gliders take off?
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Can hang glider takeoff with out power?

no it cant because gliders have no thrust to take off

Can glider takeoff without power?

No gliders can not take off without power otherwise they would just be sitting/standing were there mean't to take off.

Are sugar gliders a good pet?

Yes But they take sometimes a while to take care of

Is being a breeder of sugar gliders profitable business?

yes because sugar gliders cost alot and if u make more u can get money off of them by selling them

Are airplanes and gliders the same?

All gliders are airplanes, but not all airplanes are gliders.

Can someone be allergic to sugar gliders?

No, it is impossible to be allergic to sugar gliders. They do not shed or give off any bit of dander. When people are allergic to animals that's what they are allergic too.

How does a glider plane take off?

Usually Gliders are pulled behind another plane with a cable. Once they are flying in the air the glider will release the cable and glide on it's own.

What is the best wood for building outdoor gliders?

Cedar is good wood to make out door gliders out of. It is a strong wood, that can take the weather as well as be comfortable. This is the perfect wood.

Do sugar gliders have camouflage?

No, sugar gliders do not have camouflage.

Do sugar gliders have jobs?

No, sugar gliders do not have jobs.

Are Sugar Gliders racist?

No, sugar gliders are not racist.

Why do sugar gliders hibernate?

Sugar gliders do not hibernate.

Are sugar gliders legal in India?

In India u cant get sugar gliders...... It is not legal in India to keep sugar gliders as pets..... Moreover sugar gliders are very difficult to tame......

Are hand gliders and hang gliders the same thing?

Hand gliders do not exist - just bad grammar for hang glider.

How many endangered sugar gliders are there?

sugar gliders are not endangered

Do Sugar Gliders have fur?

Yes, sugar gliders have fur.

What instincts do sugar gliders have?

what instincts do sugar gliders born with

How did gliders take off in World War 2?

During World War Two gliders were used for training and military operations. For training purposes the glider would be pulled into the air by a jeep with a winch on it, or a motorized crank in more simple terms. For combat deployment gliders would be attached to tow wire behind large bombers and when they reached the correct altitude the bomber would disconnect the gliderb. However gliders used for this purpose were about 25 feet long and could carry around 30 or more soldiers. Gliders were used to drop troops behind enemy lines usually when enemy defenses were very high, ex. D-Day.

Can any possums fly?

No, bats are the only mammals which can truly fly.Gliders (sugar gliders, greater gliders, mahogany gliders, squirrel gliders, yellow-bellied gliders and feathertail gliders) are members of the possum family, but they are incapable of free flight like bats are. They can only glide from a high point to a lower point, and cannot generate "lift".

How do sugar gliders get there water?

Sugar gliders get most of their water from their foods.

Can sugar gliders change color?

No. Sugar gliders do not change colour.

Do sugar gliders sleep until spring?

No. Sugar gliders do not hibernate.

Are sugar gliders illegal in Texas?

Sugar gliders are not illegal in Texas.

Is a sugar glider a possum?

Gliders, including sugar gliders, are a type of possum.

Do sugar gliders live in Africa?

No, not in the wild. Sugar gliders are native to Australia.