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Imo, levels are more legitimate than they are low

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Q: How do geese adapt to low oxygen levels?
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How can the oxygen store in myoglobin be replaced after use?

Myoglobin has a very high affinity for oxygen, meaning it binds it very strongly. At very low oxygen concentrations in the cell, myoglobin releases its oxygen, despite the high affinity, simply because there are too few oxygen molecules around to rebind to the myoglobin when they are released naturally from the myoglobin (which usually occurs anyway). Once the oxygen concentration increases again, returning to normal, oxygen molecules will collide with myoglobin. The myoglobin, with its high oxygen affinity, will strongly bind any oxygen that meets it, replenishing myoglobin's oxygen storage very quickly. As myoglobin's affinity for oxygen is stronger the haemoglobin's, it will 'steal' oxygen from haemoglobin in the blood very easily, replacing its bound oxygen. This binding system serves to release oxygen when it is needed if blood oxygen levels are reduced (due to high levels of exercise), but replenishes the supply when oxygen levels begin to rise again.

Which type of fish can survivre better in low-oxygen conditions?


Dangers in the silurian period?

You may face troubles with the organisms, for the sea life was then dominant... but most likely it would just be the humidity of the time, and the dominant, or dangerous organisms during the time.

What is a baby bird in a nest behavioral adaptation?

It has to adapt to its surroundings and has to keep a low profile so it doesn't get spotted by predators.

Why do you think we yawn when we are sleepy or drowsy?

your body yawns because it needs more oxygen, when we get tired that's when the body gets low on oxygen

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What is oxygen depletion?

When oxygen levels in water get low... When algae takes over a lake. The oxygen levels will get low.

Why are few producers in intertidal zone?

Do to the low and high tides, nutrient and oxygen levels widely vary making it difficult for the producers to adapt to the area.

Why do catfish survive in low-oxygen levels better than trouts?

it is because catfish can survive in low-oxygen levels. Trout survives at higher oxygen levels

Where in the body would you find low oxygen levels causing vasoconstriction and high levels causing vasodilation?

Low oxygen levels cause vasodilation in systemic arterioles.High oxygen levels cause vasodilation in capillaries in the lungs.

A decrease in the blood's ability to transport oxygen is called what?

The correct name for low levels of oxygen in the blood is hypoxaemia. Low levels of oxygen in the body tissues is called hypoxia

What color is skin with low levels of oxygen?


Does low oxygen levels make you sleepy?


What is the medical terminology for low oxygen levels?

It is hypoxia.

Can low oxygen levels cause hallucinations?


Which organ's blood flow pattern results in low oxygen levels causing vasoconstriction and high oxygen levels causing vasodilation?


How can you determine if oxygen levels are high or low?

When oxygen levels are high people tend to get a 'high' sensation. When the oxygen levels are low, it feels like you are going to pass out. There are other ways to tell, but generally you would need prodigious equipment, that is most likely very expensive.

Do Sea Otters live in the benthic or pelagic environment?

Sea otters live in the pelagic environment. They are able to survive in the high levels of salt, regulate their body temperature and are able to adapt to the low-oxygen environment.