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The equipment manager is in charge of all equipment upgrades and augments

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Q: How do football teams get their helmet decals on so straight?
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What teams have decals on helmets?

Lots of sports teams but manly football helmets.

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How can you repair the protective air pads from a riddell revolution football helmet?

Check the instruction manual that should have came with the equipment itself. If there is no paperwork/instructions of any type the best options would be to consult Riddell Inc. or to consult with an area high school coach. If it cannot be fixed or if it is too much time to repair I would have a little fun and re-paint the helmet to match a favorite team and get the decals, warning labels, etc...Usually Ebay will have generic NFL and NCAA teams but as far as like local high school teams, it is best just to drop in and ask for the decals at the high school.

What exactly is the helmet project?

The helmet project is an attempt by a fan of American football to document the changes of the team helmets design, colors and logos of big name teams. This includes illustrations of the colors and logos.

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Wake forest

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