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The answer completely depends on your foot type.

Foot types are split in three categories:

Type 1. Normal arch

This is the most common type; also referred to as normal pronation. The foot lands as it should, therefore a good stability shoe will help you keep doing well what is already going well.

Type 2. Flat foot

When you have flat feet, then you are overpronating. Your arch collapses inward. Your foot moves too much and this can cause injuries. Therefore you are best of with motion-controlshoes, which help reduce your arch collapsing inward.

Type 3. High arch

When there is almost no arch to be seen you are underpronating. Your arch does not collapse enough, thereby causing the shock of your foot landing on the ground to travel upwards to your legs. This can cause injuries.

You need running shoes with softer midsoles/cushioningwhich stimulate your arch to collapse further.

So whether you need shoes with cushioning or shoes that offer stabilisation depends on your feet.

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Q: How do cushioned soles of running shoes protect runners?
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