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when you walk run or jog. when you walk your calf is being streched upon a force.

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Q: How do calf muscles work?
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What muscles does a calf raiser work?

your calf. A calf raiser works the calf muscle. A calf its really made up of three different muscles: the gastrocnemius, the plantaris, and the soleus.

What muscles could you build for triple jump?

you can work on your calf muscles and you hops

Do squats work the calf muscles?

Yes, Because you are squatting

What muscles do step ups work?

They work your quadriceps/thighs, hamstrings, gastronemius, (upper and lower calf muscles).

Which muscles do treadmills work?

glutes(butt),abdominals,calf,and thigh muscles as well as some of the smaller muscles in your feet.

What muscles does the sole f80 treadmill work out?

The sole f80 treadmill work a few muscles out. They work out your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, calf muscle, lower abdominal muscles and your upper abdominal muscles.

What muscles do ski sits work?

Ski sits work your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteals and Gastrocnemius(calf).

What muscles make you jump?

The muscles in your leg and I hope you jump are your calf muscles. You can strengthen your calf muscles by jumping over and over again.

Which muscles invert the ankle?

Calf muscles.

How do muscles work in softball pitching?

There are several muscles working when pitching. Starts of with the abductor muscles when striding. leg muscles such as the calf, quads and hamstring work when push of happens. then shoulder girdle, lats and biceps work as arms rotate. Core muscles work for rotation

What are the name of the two muscles located in the calf?

There are many muscles in a human calf. The gastrocnemius is the big one.

What muscles do you use when you jump?

Calf and Quadriceps muscles

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