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Boxers purge them selves of all excess weight before a fight i.e. water and waste weight. They will usually start a diet and regime of coffee (laxative) while spending hours not only working out but also sitting fully clothed or in a rubber suit in a sauna to rid themselves of all the water in there system. After making weight they will slowly rehydrate there body as well as eat and that is why you often see a drastic weight gain from weigh in to fight night. They buff up, that way, they become heavier.

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more healthy carbs i.e rice and pasta and more protein. they have lots of small meals. no large meals to make them feel bloated.

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Q: How do boxers gain so much weight from the time they weigh in to the time they fight?
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Protein drinks.

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A boxer does not have to select which weight class they will fight in. They may fight in any weight class as long as they weigh less than the maximum for the class the day before the fight at the weigh-in.The boxer will schedule fights in both weight classes months apart from each other. This allows the boxer to make the weight for one fight and have several months to gain or lose weight to make the weight for the other class.

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