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Bodybuilders get so large by eating lots of carbohydrates and protein foods. They also work out twice a day lifting weights and focus on one muscle group at a time. Bodybuilders tend to avoid cardio exercise due to the fact it increases weight loss.

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anyone can get them as their sold over the internet.

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Q: How do bodybuilders get so large?
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Are there any gay female bodybuilders?

Of course, there are millions of bodybuilders so there has to be thousands.

What is a sentence with the word 'triceps' in in?

The bodybuilders triceps were very large.

Are there any Romanian female bodybuilders?

Yes, but not so much.

Are most body builders gay?

Gays get attracted to bodybuilders easily and look at all bodybuilders as gays. So in that way it gets mis-propogated as bodybuilders are gays. But a real bodybuilder wont show interest in such matters and will continue to pursue his passion for the sport

Should underage bodybuilders be banned?

There is no legal age limit to start bodybuilding so, no.

When was National Amateur Bodybuilders Association created?

National Amateur Bodybuilders Association was created in 1950.

How does smoking affect bodybuilders?

Smoking affects bodybuilders by decreasing their lung function and oxygen levels.

When was American Federation of Women Bodybuilders created?

American Federation of Women Bodybuilders was created in 1980.

Why do bodybuilders need an energy supplement?

Bodybuilders need supplements in a variety of reasons. One reason would be to help kick start the bodybuilders metabolism. This helps energy to be used by the body efficiently.

What is the average size of an 18 year old bodybuilders bicep?

5'10" is the average size of an 18 year old bodybuilders bicep.

Why do athletes use keratin?

mostly bodybuilders use it because it helps with muscle growth so it bulks them up more.

What gives bodybuilders bigger muscles?