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you run (move legs) and your body reaceat properly and some time u get goneriea and the goneria works with the legs to make poop it might be crazy but and u spit because watter makes pee and liquid

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I dont know Jeff

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Q: How do body systems work in gymnastics?
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Do body systems work together?

Body systems work together to keep the body healthy and the body systems are interdependent (they rely on each other).

What body systems do the lungs work with?

all systems

Why is it important to work gymnastics skills on both sides of the body?

You have to be fit all over your body, not just half!

What other body systems interact with the muscle system?

All the systems of the body work together; there are no isolated systems.

Organs work together to form body systems body systems work together to form what?

That is the organismal level. Many organisms have several organ systems.

What does the 8 body systems do?

Your body systems work together to perform all the functions that your body performs day to day.

What happens once the body system doesn't work?

the other body systems starts to not work properly, and then gradually comes to an stop. then then body slowly starts to die. all body systems work together and are interconnected.

How do your body systems work without other systems in the body?

Your body is the sum of all its systems. There are no "other systems". All the body's systems have to be working together or the body will not be able to stay alive.

How does the body work with other body systems to keep the body healthy?


How does your body work with other systems in you body?


Can you think of 2 body systems that work together?

Ill give you 3:skeletal,nervous,and muscular

how does your Arteries work with other systems to keep the body healthy?

i think it does work with the other systems because it works with the heart to transfer blood to the rest of our body