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To become an elite athlete at marathon, you need the right diet, to surround yourself with the right people that know how to train for marathons, what training is best for you etc. Of course you need to train, be disciplined and never give up. If you get injured, don't let it get you down, never give up, but don't push yourself too far when injured, it might worsen the injury and cripple you even more! Still push boundaries and never tell yourself that you can't do it. You CAN do it! Remember not only to train by running, but also train your core muscles since they can make you improve a great deal in EVERY sport, since it's the connection between all the muscles! Stay strong Roar and Kill! Sean Peter Brylov

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you first have to apply for it. then you get the ticket and enter the stadium.

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Q: How do become elite athlete marathon?
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Who is the fastest athlete of the wheelchair marathon?

kurt fearnly

Is Stephanie Rice an elite athlete?


Is Beth tweddle an athlete?

Yes, she is an elite gymnast.

Which famous athlete founded the London marathon?

The London Marathon was founded by the former Olymic champion and renowned journalist Chris Brasher and John Disley. In 1979, shortly after completing the New York Marathon :)

Who was the only athlete to win the Olympic marathon twice and in successive Olympic games?

Abebe Bikila.

Who was the first African to win a gold medal in a marathon?

Kenneth McArthur was the first athlete representing an African nation (South Africa) to win the men's marathon. This was at the 1912 Games in Stockholm. McArthur was born in Northern Ireland. The first African born athlete to win the marathon was Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia at the 1960 Games in Rome.

Who is the the only athlete to win the Olympic marathon twice and in successive Olympic games?

Abeba Biliki. Ethiopia

What is a bib in the Olympics?

A bib number is the number that the athlete wears on their person and is how they are identified. Same as marathon runners.

Which country won the silver medal in men's marathon at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Ethiopia's athlete won the silver medal in the Men's Marathon event at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Which olympic athlete is named after a battle?

An athlete is a person--a sports competitor or someone who practices athletics. I think you mean an event. The Olympic event that's named after a battle is the marathon.

How are commonwealth games athletes chosen?

You have to do the sport your playing and be watched by an elite athlete at the sport.

What kind of massage therapy is best for a post-marathon athlete?

My wife is running her first marathon this fall and I'd like to surprise her by hiring a masseuse. What types are recommended for this type of recovery?