How do aphids get their food?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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pick it up and put it in there mouth ?

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Q: How do aphids get their food?
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What food can be given to a ladybug?


What is the Dahlia flowers role in the food chain?

Dahlias are eaten by aphids and earwigs. Ladybugs eat the aphids.

How do you find ladybug food?

Look on a rose bush. They eat aphids.

Do ladybugs eat leaves on Earth?

Ladybugs actuallly eat other bugs, such as mites, and aphids.

Where do plant louses or aphids come from or spread from?

Adult aphids of breeding age have wings and fly to a new food source: tender vegetation. Some ants also "tend" aphids, and will actually bring aphids to plants in order to harvest the honeydew produced by feeding aphids.

Do aphids protect ants?

Yes, they do. Some species of ants herd aphids the same way we do cattle or sheep. They carry them to fertile areas where the aphids can feed on plant saps and in return the ants get fed nutritious sweet excretions from the aphids. They will protect from enemies because this is a necessary food source.

What is the type of food and mode of feeding of aphid?

Aphids (greenfly) suck a plant's sap. Too many aphids on a plant will cause the plant to wilt. Ladybirds are voracious eaters of aphids.

Where do you get the food for a ladybug?

Look on a rose bush. They eat aphids.

What minibeast is red and black fast and its food is aphids?


What is the food of the ladybug?

Look on a rose bush. They eat aphids.

What is the food chain for wheat?

Wheat - Aphids - Ladybirds - Spider

Can aphids eat birds?

No. Aphids drink plant sap as their only food. The main insects that eat dead animals are maggots and ants.