How do a parachute works?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: How do a parachute works?
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Explain how a parachute works using the terms air resistance surface area and gravity?

A parachute works as the gravity allows the parachute to go up into the air, then the surface area is covered with air resistance.

Why does a parachute works?

Because it catches the air, and slows you down.

Whick works better a square triangle or circle parachute?

The best shape for a parachute is a circle. This is because the circle will have a larger area that will cause more drag to slow the parachute.

The human mind is like a parachute-it functions better when it is open?

the human brain works best when it is used. just like a parachute.

Can a person parachute without a parachute?

yes it is possible to parachute without a "parachute" there is a suit which u wear called a squirrel suite i believe which allows the air to be caught acting as a "brake" there for slowing you down but i am not sure if it works completley

What shape of a parachute works best?

id say from my experience an oval

How does the size or shape of a parachute affect the way it works?

If the hole is bigger the parachute speed will decrease

What is the slowest parachute made of?

Parachutes are not rated by their speed. A parachute works by increasing the air resistance of a suspended falling body or object. The greater the mass of the object the larger the area of the parachute must be to reduce the speed to an acceptable level.

What is the aim of making a parachute?

The aim is to use the right material and the right shapes , i once tried making a parachute and plastic works better than cloth or newspaper or anything else.

Would a parachute help a skydiver in space?

No. A parachute would not help a skydiver in space. A parachute works by taking advantage of air resistance. There is no air in space, so there can be no resistance. Perhaps that's the main reason why the Space Shuttle never deployed its parachutes while it was still in space.

How do you jump from planes?

Make sure you have a parachute that works. Then let yourself fall out. Make sure you don't hit the propeller.

What is a small parachute called?

a small parachute, is a small parachute, ther is no technical name for it. :) a small parachute is called a drogue