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Philippine sports are part of the promotion of Philippine tourism and a way of showing the skill of Filipinos.

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Q: How do Philippines sports affect the economy of the Philippines?
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'How does the Philippines sports affect the economy of the Philippines?

The Philippine sports are part of the Philippine Tourism. When Philippine sports are known to other countries, this brings new investors in the country and ultimately contrbiutes to the upliftment of the economy in general opening newer jobs and more opportunities for the Filipino people.

How does religion affect the Philippines economy?


How does typhoons affect the Philippines economy?

Typhoons affect the Philippines economy significantly. Day to day business is affected and investors avoid setting up business in the affected areas for fear of losing their property and business assets.

How does politics affect the Philippines and its economy?

congress and senators determine how they will rip us off and what are taxes are

What economy does the Philippines have?

The economy of Philippines is based on free enterprise.

Is Philippines a mixed economy?

Yes. Philippines is a mixed economy

What is the difference between the economy of Japan today and the economy of the Philippines today?

The Philippines is not nearly as industrialized. The economy is unstable.

What type of economy is in the Philippines?

The economy in the Philippines is a emerging market economy. Their economy is the 35th largest in the world and the 4th largest in South Asia.

What are the most popular sports in the Philippines?

Basketball and boxing are the most popular sports in the Philippines

How does education effect economy in the Philippines?

Education has been able to strengthen and boost the economy in the Philippines.

What are the contribution of entrepreneurship in Philippines economy?

The contribution of entrepreneurship in the Philippines economy is impressive. There is a high demand for entrepreneurs in the Philippines. There were over 830,000 entrepreneurs in the Philippines in 2011.

What is the Philippines' economy before the conquest?

probably one of the best economy in the world. philippines economy before is top 2 in asia.

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