How do NFL conferences work?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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For each conference (AFC and NFC) the four division winners receive the 1 through 4 seeds, ranked according to their season records. The two wild card teams (the teams with the best records that did not win the division) receive the 5 and 6 seeds. Example from the NFC after the 2007 regular season:

1. Cowboys 2. Packers

3. Seahawks 4. Bucs 5. Giants 6. Redskins During the Wild Card Weekend, 3 hosts 6 and 4 hosts 5. One game is played on Saturday and one on Sunday. Teams 1 and 2 get the week off (referred to as a "bye").

The following weekend is the Divisional round of the playoffs. 1 hosts the lower seeded survivor from the Wild Card round, and 2 hosts the higher seeded survivor. Again, one game on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The winner of the Saturday Wild Card Game will play their next game on Saturday. For example, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Washington Redskins in the Saturday wild card game and they will play the Green Bay Packers on Saturday in the Divisional playoff. Leaving the Dallas Cowboys to play the winner of the New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

The next weekend is the conference championships. The higher seeded survivor from the Divisional round hosts the lower seeded survivor. The winner goes to the Superbowl to face the winner of the other conference.

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The NFL's 32 teams are split into two conferences, the American Football Conference and National Football Conference. Each conference of 16 teams is split into four four-team divisions, called the East, West, North and South, so the teams are generally placed in their divisions by geographic proximity. There is one notable exception, that being the placement of Dallas in the NFC East when there are numerous other teams further east than Dallas. Each team in the NFL plays the teams in their division twice. They also play each team from a pre-determined division within their conference once each (the divisions rotate playing against each other). They also play each team from a pre-determined division in the other conference once a year. These determinations were set in 2002 and are not set to change any time soon. To fill out the 16-game schedule, each team plays a 'corresponding' team in the two divisions within their own conference. Example: Philadelphia finished fourth in the NFC East in 2007. In 2008, they will play twice against each team in the NFC East. They will also play all four teams in the NFC West and all four teams in the AFC North. Their final two games will be against the fourth-place teams from the NFC South (Atlanta) and NFC North (Chicago). Essentially, each team in every division plays 88% of the same games...the locations may change, but the opponents are the same. For the playoffs, the division champions, plus the two non-division champions with the best records after tie-breakers qualify. Each team is seeed by record, and the top two teams receive a bye into the second round. The first round games are hosted by the two division titlists with the worst records, even if the wild-card teams have better records. The second-round games are hosted by the teams who received byes. The highest seed plays against the lowest seed remaining, while the second seed plays the other first-round winner. The championship games in each conference are hosted by the highest remaining seed. The winners advance to the Super Bowl.

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Each conference has four divisions. The teams with the best regular season record in their respective divisions get an automatic bid and are ranked 1-4 accordingly. Then of the remaining teams, the two with the best records in each conference are the wild cards and they are ranked 5 and 6 accordingly. It does not matter if the wild card team's record is better than a division winner's record; they are still ranked lower. This gives a total of 12 teams, six from the AFC and six from the NFC. The 1 and 2 teams in each conference receive a bye and jump to the next round with home field advantage. In the wild card round, the 3 seed plays the 6 seed and the four seed plays the 5 seed in each conference, the higher seed getting home filed advantage. In the following round, the 1 seed plays the lowest seed remaining and the 2 seed plays the other winner from the first round. The third round are the conference championships where the final two teams from each conference play, the higher seed getting home field advantage, and the winner being crowned conference champion. Finally the two conference champions play in the Superbowl, in which home field alternates each year.

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They win their conference when they beaten every team in it. Or have beaten every team in the playoffs in their conference.

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Q: How do NFL conferences work?
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How is the NFL divided?

The NFL is divided into 2 conferences. The 2 conferences are each divided into 4 divisions. NFL AFC NFC North South East West North South East West

What was the conferences the patriots played at?

Since the AFL/NFL merger, the Patriots have always Played in the Amercian Football Conferences' East Division.

How many games are in the NFL?

11, 5 in both conferences, plus the superbowl.

Which conferences play in the Super Bowl?

A team from the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference) play against each other in the Super Bowl. They are the only two conferences in the NFL.

Did pro football have divisions or conferences in 1956?

The NFL, in 1956, had 2 conferences called the Eastern and Western. There were no divisions within the conferences. Teams in the Eastern Conference were the Browns, Cardinals, Eagles, Giants, Redskins, and Steelers. Teams in the Western Conference were the Bears, Colts, Lions, Packers, Rams, and 49ers.

Why do NCAA football have conferences and not NFL?

Because the professional football and college football need distinct difference also players are still growing. College football is development and it is easier to fix throwing mechanics with a smaller football than with a bigger football.

What is the American football conference?

The NFL is divided into two conferences, the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Each conference is divided into 4 divisions, the East, South, North and West. The origin of the conferences occured after the merger between the NFL and AFL. The AFL became the AFC and was given the Steelers, Colts and Browns to even things out.

What is a conference in football?

The NFL has 2 conferences. The NFC (national football conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) The AFC was created after the AFL (American Football league) disbanded and converged into the NFL in 1970

What was the NFL like before the merge?

In the four years before the 1970 merger the NFL was composed of two conferences, Eastern and Western. The Eastern Conference was composed of the Capital and Century Divisions and the Western was composed of the Central and Coastal Divisions. The winners of the two Eastern divisions and Western divisions played against each other in the Conference Championship with the two winners playing the NFL Championship. Prior to 1966, there were simply the Esstern and Western Conferences, with the winners playing for the NFL Championship. Of note, the site for the Championship game rotated between Eastern and Western Conferences each year, so the team that had actually won more games could be playing on the road. Finally, the two second place teams in each conference played each other in the NFL Playoff Bowl in Miami.

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National Hockey League is divided 2 conferences-American Football Conference (AFC)National Football Conference (NFC)Each conference has 4 divisions that have 4 teams each.Ref:

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