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If you want a Fencing foil, you'll need ROBUX. To get ROBUX, either buy ROBUX, Builder's Club, or Turbo Builder's Club. Additionally you can trade Tickets for ROBUX, but there is a ratio (approximately 10 tickets will equal 1 ROBUX.) Hope this helps.

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Q: How do I get a fencing foil on Roblox if I use tickets.?
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What is a fencing blade?

There are three types of fencing swords each with different rules : Foil, Eppe and Sabre. The blade of a foil is called a "Foil blade"The blade of an eppe is called an "Eppe Blade"Etc

What sport starting with f do you use foil and Sabre?


What if I don't have enough Tickets to use the currency exchange on Roblox?

You get 15 tickets on Roblox every day just for logging in. Be patient.

What are you not allowed to do in fencing?

punch,kick,block with your hand, cheat! etc your only allowed to use your foil to hit your opponent

How do you get tix on roblox in minutes?

A way to get Tickets in minutes on roblox is to have a Popular game, get Ambassador links ( - Use that website for Ambassador), get people to donate you or sell clothing.

Did the ancient G reek Olympics use foil to fence?

No. The foil was not invented until the Middle Ages. In fact, Fencing did not exist many years prior to the 12th century, A.D., long after the Greek Olympics ended.

What sword should a beginner use in fencing?

It depends on the type of fencing you want to do (foil sabar or eppe) most people start out with foil but i would recomend you go to a club and try out all 3 before buying equipment. There are lots of things to buy including body cords, a mask, mask cords, a glove, a lame, a jacket ect.

Why do you get tickets on roblox?

Tickets are ROBLOX's first currency made and is now second in-line ever since ROBUX came out. People can now purchase with two currencies now... And the creator of a shirt/pants/t-shirt can choose if they want to use either one and how much they want their item to cost. Tickets can also be seen as coins, and the ROBUX can be seen as dollars. ONLY BC members get daily ROBUX and Tickets while regular members get only Tickets daily. However, you can trade in Tickets for ROBUX.

How do you use foil in our own sentence?

As a noun- a very thin sheet of metal- "I wrapped the baked potatoes in aluminum foil". It can also be a type of thin sword used in the sport of fencing- "I grazed his knee with the tip of my foil". It can also be a verb, meaning to disrupt "The plans of the thief were foiled when a police officer walked around the corner."

How do you earn Robux on roblox?

There are several ways you can earn Robux on Roblox. If you have Builders Club on Roblox, you automatically receive a certain number of Robux every day. Builders Club members can also earn Robux by selling cloths and limited edition hats. Both Builders Club and non Builders Club members can use the Roblox Currency Exchange to trade their tickets in for Robux, and use real money to buy Robux on the Roblox Currency exchange.

Is there a particular outfit for Fencing?

You will need,Britches,Long socks,Protector,Under plastron,Jacket,Lamé,glove, will also need a foil/ Sabre or an epeé... depending on which type you usually use.

What is the lightest weapon used in Olympic fencing competition?

Out of the three weapons used in fencing, the ease of use for each will mostly depend on the athlete. If one is tall and athletic, Epee may come easier than Saber, which requires more movement and short-term stamina to perform well.