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how much is my limited edition collectors pin #2-1982/198 complete set worth


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Q: How do I find out what my Olympic pin set is worth?
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What is the GE Olympic pin set Torino 2006 Turin worth?

Many of the pin sets are valued in price close to $15 each. The amount for each coin will vary depending upon the condition that it is in.

What is the complete set of 1984 Olympics pin set that is numbered distributed by Coca Cola worth Framed numbered with 1 and 2 series being consecutive numbers?

The value of a complete set of 1984 Olympic pin set that is numbered and framed by Coca-Cola depends on its condition. This set in excellent condition is valued between 250.00 and 350.00 as of 2014.

How much is a 1976 olympic 4 coin set worth?

about 300$

What is a comemmorative 1964 Tokyo Olympic Coin set worth?

What is a comemmorative 1964 Tokyo Olympicscoin worth

How much are the Chicago Bulls commemorative pin sets worth The four time and six time NBA champions?

i believe the complete 6 pin set by pro specialities services is worth around 30-40 $ i saw a 4 pin set for sale for 25$. As with any collectible though it is ultimately only worth what someone will pay you for it

What is a complete set of 1976 Montreal Olympic coins in the box worth?


How much is a Vancover's 2010 olympic coin set worth?

it is probably worth about $30, but it will be more valuable in the future.

What is the value of the 1992 US Olympic Coins Prestige Set?

A 1992 Prestige set is currently worth about $60.00

What does IPS stand for on a real estate plat?

iron pin setiron pin setiron pin setiron pin set

How much is a set of 1967 Canadian Olympic coins worth today?

There are no such things as 1967 Canadian Olympic coins. Perhaps you are thinking of Centennial coins?

How much is the set of silver Canadian olympic coins worth?

Value depends on which Olympics you are refering to.

What is a 1983 Uncirculated Olympic Silver Dollar Set worth?

Mint condition around $50.00

How many olympic records has Michael Phelps set?

He set 8 Olympic records at the Beijing Olympic games.

When and where were the Olympic games set?

in 1600 BC at Greece the Olympic games were set.

What is the Value of 1980 Olympic Moscow silver coins set?

I'm trying to find the answer...

How much is Number 1 of 1000 1992 Olympic dream team silver coin set worth?


How can I find out how much my antique crystal decanter set is worth?

The best way to find out how much your antique crystal decanter set is worth, is by taking it to your nearest local antique dealer. They should be able to tell you how much it is worth and other information about the set.

Value of 1992 Mint Proof Set?

There were four types of United States Mint Proof Sets produced in 1992. The normal 1992-S Proof Set is worth approximately $6-$8. The Prestige set (with Olympic half and dollar) is worth approximately $70-$90. The regular Silver set is worth approximately $10-$15. The Silver Premier Set is worth approximately $10-$16.

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Pin-set or nail-set pocket watches. Keyless winding. These pocket watches had a small pin or knob next to the watch-stem that had to be depressed before turning the crown to set the time and releasing the pin when the correct time had been set. This style of watch is occasionally referred to as "nail set", as the set button must be pressed using a finger nail.

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What records were set at the 2010 olympic games?

There was no olympic games in 2010

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