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Q: How do Germans play football What are the strategies and skills do they need to use?
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What skills does a footy player need?

The skills that a football player needs is:Fit, fast runner, strong, tough and healthy.That is all you need to be to become a football player and also you have to know how to play it.

How do you be best at football?

you need to train vey much in skills,shoot. to be a best player

What are some management strategies?

Some of the best strategies is to know what goals need to be accomplished and how much time if given to complete the goals. Communication is key between employer and employees along with time management skills.

What is a special skills need for a marketing executive?

Understanding offline and e-marketing strategies, web 2.0, branding, copywriting, market research

How can I persuade my employee and communicate with them effectively?

You have to learn the public speaking skills or persuasion skills. You can search some strategies online or you can buy some books, however you would need lots of practice.

How do you get better after football?

You just need to practice a lot. Listen to your coach and read up on how to improve your skills.

How would your personal lifebusiness life and social life look like if you had ponerful negotiation skills and strategies?

If one had powerful negotiation skills and strategies, life would be much simpler for them as they would be assertive and get what they need from life. They would have fewer negative experiences and would control their destiny more effectively.

What skills do you need to become a football running back?

You need leg strength and good reflexes and of course you have to be quick, you really dont need to be big but bigger you are the better you are

What skills do you need for a NFL football player?

The ability to win games. So Tim Tebow is who we're looking for, people.

What skills do you need to become a football wide receiver?

You need to be able to maintain speed in and but of your cuts and be able to remember plays but ,most of all you need to be able to catch a ball.

What skills do you need to become a footballl player?

Well for a start you need to know how to kick a ball and how to play football but you probably have to go training on a regular basis and be quite good to become a football player....... hope that hlp x x

What skills do you need for Gaelic to be a manger?

You would need all the skills of the game and some coaching experience. You would also need a good idea of tactics of Gaelic Football. Some knowledge in physical training would be good. Motivational skills would be important too. The ability to deal with people would also be vital.