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I have Burton moto boots and they are the same size as my shoe size and fit well, however i was disapointed in them because they do not take much to wear them out. A bunch of my friends also have them and they wore out too so if you are going to do serious riding i recommend not going with Burton boots seeing as they wear out easily but they do fit very well in my opinion.

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Q: How do Burton snowboarding boots fit?
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What kind of sports products does Burton produce?

Burton is a company that primarily produces products related to snowboarding. They produce snowboards, boots, clothes, jackets, etc. Snowboarding has become a popular sport and so has the Burton company.

Where does Burton sell to?

Burton sells snowboards and all kinds of snowboarding materials like jackets, boots, goggles, and, of course, top of the line snowboarding material. Burton was the first company to sell snowboards, but they did not invent it. The creator was Jake Burton Carpenter, who began the company in Vermont.

Are firefly snowboarding boots good?

In short no. They arn't a recognised brand. Stick to Burton, thirty-two or similar

What is the purpose of Burton Driver X boots?

The Driver X Snowboard Boots provided by Burton are used primarily by people who like to snowboard as a hobby. They offer support for the impacts suffered by your feet well snowboarding.

Are the DC dredge boots good for snowboarding?

NO The Dredge boots are not snowboarding boots. They are casual snow boots with features that are used in certain snowboarding boots but are not meant to strap into bindings.

Who inventead snowboarding?

Charles James Burton

What snowboarding label invented the Snowboard Bindings?


Where could someone find Burton snowboarding jackets?

One could find Burton snowboarding jackets at a variety of places online or in store. One could go to Amazon or eBay or on the official Burton website.

What does skiingneed that snowboarding do not have?

skis, poles, ski boots

What designers have clothing lines for snowboarding boots?

A few of the companies that manufacture mens' snowboard pants are Burton, North Face, and Alpine Ridge. Oakley is another one that makes them. There is also Quik Snow and Planet Earth, just to name a few.

What colors are Burton snowboarding pants available in?

Burton's snowboarding pants are available in many different colors. Some of the color options include blue, white, tan, grey, camouflage, black, and green.

What are the release dates for Burton US Open 2007 Snowboarding Championships - 2007 TV?

Burton US Open 2007 Snowboarding Championships - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 18 March 2007