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currently has a 352 dimple pattern

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Q: How dimpels are there on at titleist pro V1golf ball?
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Is the titleist Pro V1 a 3 or 4 piece golf ball?

The Titleist Pro V 1 is a 3 piece ball. The Titleist Pro V 1x is a 4 piece ball.

How many dimples are on titleist pro V1 golf ball?

currently has a 352 dimple pattern

What golfball do pros use the most?

The most popular ball on Tour, is the Titleist Pro V 1.

What is the most expensive brand for golf balls?

Titleist. More specifically the Titelist Pro V1x. Whilst Titelist balls are used by 64% of the market, The Pro V1x accounts for 54% of balls used by PGA professionals. As seen at

What is the best golf ball for a 10 or lower handicapper?

Titleist has been a trusted ball among many pros in the world. Though many others can say their golfballs are better Titeist has been around long enough to stand on its own among the best

Do the Titleist Pro V1 balls roll strait?

The Titleist Pro V1 both roll and fly straight.

What year was the Titleist Acushnet DT golf ball made?

Acushnet introduced the Dynamite Thread (DT) ball in 1948. The Durable Titleist (DT) ball was introduced in 1974 and had a cut-resistant cover as opposed to the easy to cut balata cover on the pro version.

How many pits are on a golf ball?

They are called dimples and there are between 300-450. On a Titleist Pro V 1 there are 392 dimples.

What brand of golf ball was used when winning PGA events?

There are a few premium golf ball brands which have all had success when used by players who have went on to win Tour events. These include mainly Titleist, Taylormade, Nike, Srixon and Callaway, however the Titleist Pro V1 is by far the most popular ball on tour and is usually the number 1 ranked ball at all tour events. At the 2009 Masters all 3 players who were in the sudden death play off used the Titleist Pro V1.

What is a titleist pro v 1 x-out?

A Pro V 1 x-out, is a Pro V 1 golf ball which does not meet the quality control checks of Titleist. The problem with the ball may be that it doesn't balance properly, or as simple as the logo is not straight enough. These balls are then given an x-out mark on them and sold cheaply. They are still ideal golf balls for practicing, but would not be recommended in competition/tournament play.

How much does the typical golf ball weigh?

The maximum is 45.9 grams, so this is what they usually weigh, a Titleist Pro V 1 weighs this.

What is the best kind of golf balls?

Titleist Pro V1