How did yamcha get those scars?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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He got the scars during the 3 years training between the King Piccolo saga and 23 Martial Arts turnament

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Q: How did yamcha get those scars?
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Where did yamcha get his scars from?

Just training

Is yamcha stronger than vegeta?

No yamcha is not even close to vegeta

How old is yamcha?

Yamcha has not age. This is because Yamcha is not an actual person. Instead, this is a fictional character that is found on the game called Dragon Ball.

Who is Stronger Yamcha or Tien?

I think Tien is stronger compared to Yamcha.

What is Yamcha's last name?

it has never been revealed if Yamcha has a last name or not.

How do you getrid of scars?

Scars are basically long lasting cuts on the surface of the skin. Normally minor scars can wear off as your skin 'sheds' its layers. But more traumatic scars like those from operations are almost always permanent.

Why does jade puget have two scars on his face?

Jade does not have two scars on his face. Those are actually his sideburns, which he shaves into thin lines. They are not scars. They are sideburns that are really thin. People nicknamed then "JadeBurns"

Is piccolo stronger than yamcha?

Yes, considering Yamcha is human and Piccolo is a powerful Namekian. Also, Piccolo has a braver spirit than Yamcha who can come off a little shallow in some episodes.

How did Chiddy Bang get his scars?

Unfortunately, when Chidera was a kid he got kidnapped and apparently had acid thrown on his face which left those scars.

Who is Yamcha on Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Yamcha is a longtime friend and ally of Goku, though he was once a notorious bandit. He is sometimes accompanied by Puar, his devoted cat companion. Yamcha has a great fighting spirit.

Is yamcha is Goku brother?

No because even though he never knew his brother after a few years, Yamcha is not Goku's brother

Why does yamcha have the same scar as bardock on his face?

Gohan always use the hairstyles that yamcha has before