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they didn't

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Q: How did they in the old days change the Boston Garden seats colors from yellow for Bruins and Green for celtics?
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How do the td garden seats change colors from green for the celtics to yellow for the bruins?

They don't.

Before TD banknorth garden what was the Celtics arena called?

1995- Shawmut Center 95-05- FleetCenter 05-08- TD Banknorth Garden After moving away from the old Boston Garden, the Celtics built what was to be called the Shawmut Center, after Shawmut Bank (Boston is on the Shawmut Peninsula). Shawmut was purchased by Fleet Bank and the arena was known as FleetCenter from 1995 until 2005. Fleet Bank was purchased by Bank of America who sold the naming rights to TD Banknorth. In early 2008, Banknorth was purchased by Commerce Bank. They will change the name after the 2007-08 season for the Celtics and Bruins, but have promised it will contain the word "Garden."

Have a Boston bruins cap signed by joe thorton when he became captain of team sealed should you break it out and wear it or not?

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How many times have the celtics and lakers played in the finals?

As of June 2010, the Boston Celtics have 17 NBA championships while the LA Lakers have 15. These numbers will change soon as both teams are currently playing in the NBA Finals with another ring on the line.

How did UCLA select the nickname the Bruins?

Prior to the UCLA becoming the Bruins, they were known as the Grizzlies. However, once the University of Montana joined the sports conference in 1928, also titled the Grizzlies, UCLA made the decision to change the team name to the Bruins, as well as naming their bear mascot Little Joe Bruin.

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The Red Sox usually wear their red jerseys when they play afternoon games during the week. However, they wore them on a Sunday afternoon and the reason given by Jerry Remy was different. It had something to do with a last home game in a series. Can anyone add more? Usually worn on Sunday afternoon games, the last game of a homestand, or if the starting pitcher decides he needs to change his luck. Also worn on special occasions if need be (For example, the St. Patrick's Day green jerseys were worn the game following the death of the great Celtics coach Red Auerbach, as well as the day after the Celtics won Banner 17).

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How much are broncos season tickets?

I really don't exactly know because I'm a huge rangers fan but you can go to or the bruins website and try to get the cost i hope i helped. -------- I have season tickets to the Bruins and currently they are $72 a seat for the second row behind the net.