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When he first started out he went with his birth name of Steven James Anderson but was later named Steve Austin.

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He was looking fr a good name, a catchy name and was discussing it with his wife over a cup of tea. He took a sip from the tea and told her that it was Stone Cold and suddenly it hit him.

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Q: How did the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin get his name?
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What golf driver did Austin use?

Stone Cold Steve Austin? He was a wrestler, not a golfer.

When is stone cold Steve Austin coming back to the UK?

As of June 2014, there is no scheduled events for Stone Cold Steve Austin to attend in the UK. Stone Cold is a professional wrestler.

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Stone cold steve austin

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it is EDGE .... for sure

Who is the best wrestler in the history of world wrestling entertainment?

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stone cold Steve Austin and RVD have the same birthdays

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pictures of stone cold steve Austin and his last wife

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Is tna wrestler shark boy stone cold Steve Austin from WWE?

No it is not Stone Cold Steve Austin. TNA Wrestling tried to revamp Shark Boys image so they decided to use the Stone Cold gimmick on him. And from the looks of it it has not gone so well.

When will stone cold Steve Austin return to the WWE?

He will not be returning as a full time wrestler ever due to his neck

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The man with most is Stone Cold Steve Austin with 3 wins

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Stone Cold Steve Austin between the rock, hulk hogan, and dusty rhodes,