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The Saints got their name from the city of New Orleans, whose 'song' was When The Saints Go Marching In.

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Q: How did the saints get their name?
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Why do you choose a confirmation name?

you have to choose a saints name or you can keep a name if it is a saints name

What was New Orleans Saints first name?

The Saints franchise has never gone by another name.

Why are the New Orleans Saints called the Saints?

The name comes from the song "When the Saints Go Marching In."

What is the name for a Catholic priest?

The name can be any of the catholic saints. Normally in the catholic religion when a baby is born, its a common practice to name him / her after a saints name.

Is destiny a saints name?

yes destiny is a saints name

Is Danny a saint's name?

There are no saints named Danny but there are a number of saints named Daniel from which the name derives.

Why were the football team Saints named saints?

The team derived its name from the song "When the Saints Go Marching In."

Is Joeanne a saints name?

There are several saints named Joan, Joana or Joanna but no saints named Joeanne.

Is Sofia Rose a saints name?

There are saints named Sophia or Sofia as well as saints named Rose.

Name of song boondock saints?

holy fool - (by the) The boondock saints

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Does a Saint Erica exist?

I can find no St. Erica in the list of canonized saints. The name is probably derived from the name Eric and there are several saints by that name.

What is the meaning of the New Orleans Saints name?

The National Football Team, The New Orleans Saints, was founded in 1966. Their name originates from the world famous jazz anthem, " When the Saints Go Marching in;" also, the name of the team was given in recognition of the city's Catholic population. We got the name because we were granted the team on All Saints Day

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There are 10,000 to 20,000 saints, too many to list here.

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Why do you take a saints name at your First Communion?

You take a saints name for your Confirmation, not your First Communion. See the related question below.

What were the New Orleans Saints former name?

It has always been the "New Orleans Saints".

Is Kylynn a saints name?

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There are no saints with a first name of 'Ever.' However, there are a few related names.Everard HanseEverildEverild of EveringhamEverildisEveringham, Everild ofEvermod of RatzeburgEvers, Christopher

How did the saints get there team name?

The day when the first saints players singed the contract, it was "All saints day". It did not come from the song oh when the saints go marching in. That song was made for them.

What is the name of a saint that have a relationship with Jesus?

All saints had a relationship with Jesus. Were it not for this relationship, they would not be saints.

Is a patron saint the first name of someone?

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