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The pommel horse gets its name from way back in the day when military people used the apparatus to train different ways to quickly and efficiently get on their horses. Many gymnasts will agree that the pommel horse is by far the trickiest event. In order to stay on, a gymnast will need to maintain balance and momentum throughout the entire routine. While some gymnasts muscle through to stay on, one wrong hand placement or a change in the rhythm can cause a gymnast to be thrown off the apparatus (yes, like a horse). Generally, you will notice that a good performer on pommel horse will swing bigger and will maintain a good rhythm throughout his routine.

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Q: How did the pommel horse get its name?
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The pommel horse

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The pommel horse has been used in military training since ancient times. Alexander the Great used a pommel horse to practice dismounting from a military horse.

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A pommel horse is an apparatus used in the sport of Gymnastics.

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Yes the pommel horse is part of the Gymnastics event for men in the Olympics

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pommel horse

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Pommel Horse

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Louis Smith won the silver medal in Men's Pommel Horse at the Rio 2016 Olympics. He finished with a score of 15.833.

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