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They would put rocks in a fire and take them out when they got REALLY hot.

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Q: How did the people in the olden days keep warm?
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How people used to measure temperature in the olden days?

Prior to temperature scales it was measured comparatively. Warm, warmer warmest

How did people get warm water for a bath in the olden days?

I think that ther warmed the water on something and then puted it on the bath.

How do san people keep warm?

by eating warm meat

The Hairless version of the Chinese Crested dog is known for what?

Keeping people warm in cold winter days and/or attracting fleas to keep off people. (Fleas are attracted to warmth.)

What do people wear in Antarcita to keep warm?

Lots of layers help keep bodies warm, and minimizing the time out of doors.

How do you keep feet warm in cold weather?

In cold weather, people have made different kinds of boots. They have the warm boots to keep you warm so I suggest you where some warm boots

Why were heaters invented?

they were invented to keep people warm

How does air within winter clothing keep you warm on cold winter days?


How did people in the olden days forecast weather conditions?

At the beginning of the Renaissance, there were no weather instruments so the weather was predicted by simply looking into the sky. However, as the period progressed, scientists like Galileo developed tools like the thermometer to help forecast the weather.

Did linen and wool keep Colonial people warm?

In all probability, when these fibres were made into clothing designed to keep bodies warm: yes.

How did people in the past keep their selves warm?

Fire and clothing.

Why did people wear animal skins?

to keep them self's warm and