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They didn't carve it, they steam bent it

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Q: How did the natives carve there lacrosse sticks?
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How are Lacrosse sticks different?

lacrosse sticks differ in size ,strength, weight, whether there angled or not, feel, grip, what there mad out of and also appearence.

Are wooden lax sticks better than steel?

wooden lacrosse sticks give you a lot more whip but they break easier then metal lacrosse sticks metal is way better

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How was lacrosse played?

lax was played by indians, using heads as the ball and sticks with nets as the sticks

What did the Cherokees use to play lacrosse?

sticks leather and skulls

Is a hickory lacrosse stick heavier than most lacrosse sticks?

Yes. This is because wooden sticks tend to be heavier because they are hollow and wood is heavier then aluminum (thats what I prefer).

Does height matter for lacrosse sticks?

No, Not at all usually most or all lacrosse sticks are about 30inches. I always say it's good to get a smaller one because its easier to get past an opponent.

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The two are very similar except precision pockets are often used on goalie lacrosse sticks, whereas runway pockets are used for field position sticks.

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i think you mean attack, not offender

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